Saturday, 17 August 2013

Joey's Don Mills Review

  If you know me, you must also be aware of my love for the restaurant chain Joey's; in particular, their Shops at Don Mills location!  However, as I'm assuming most of you don't know me in person, I'll give you a few reasons as to why Joey's is my absolute favourite restaurant chain:

1. I have YET to be disappointed by any of their food.  (And trust me, I've tried loooads of their dishes!)  
2. The atmosphere and decor is fabulous... truly a great place to unwind with friends! :) 
3. Fast service + food arrival. 
4. Did I mention they have the greatest yam fries EVER?  And they serve Caesars?!  

Anyways, here are the dishes I've had during my last trip there, and my 2 cents on them.    

Yam Fries, 9$  These are amazing.  Amazing.  I've had these fries numerous times already, and they're always perfectly crispy on the outside while still maintaining some softness in the inside.  The mayo with truffle oil is divine.  The combination of the slightly tangy mayo and the yam fries is to DIE for.  A must must MUST try!!

Florentine Ravioli, 21$  Another winner!  I tried this on a whim after seeing a pic of it and was immediately impressed proceeding my first try.  The ravioli is cooked al dente, so definitely far from that mushy, overdone pasta texture.  The filling inside is very light and tasty, tastes like ricotta to me.  The scallops are also absolutely delicious, especially in combination with the capers.  While the portion may seem on the smaller side, the dish is actually quite filling without leaving you bloated and overstuffed. :)   

Apple Pie, 8.5$  My absolute favourite!  I have yet to leave Joey's without ordering this bad boy.  Very deceiving in pictures, but this is one of my favourite restaurant desserts!  The pastry is nice and crispy, with soft delicious apples topped with crunchy caramelized nuts.  Especially once the ice cream starts melting.... amazing.  I've converted 4 people onto this so far, it's THAT good!  Definitely give it a go! :) 

  All in all, I love Joey's.  For birthdays, girls' nights out, casual lunches, family meals... it literally works for any occasion!  This time around it was just as delicious!  

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