Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pure Spirits Oyster House Review

  Upon reconnecting with an old friend, we had decided to go to the Distillery District and spend a day walking around and going to El Catrin (which has caused a huge craze over the past couple weeks).  However, to our dismay, we had got there at 2:30 and it was opening at 5..... Hungry, we settled for Pure Spirits Oyster House which was right across from El Catrin.  

  We decided to order an appetizer each and an entree.  Here's what we ordered; 

Diver Scallop Ceviche, 14$ (on the left) and Sweet Potato Fries, 8$ (on the right)  My friend, having Spanish roots, ordered the ceviche in hopes of it being similar to the one her family frequently makes.  I hate a small bite and did not enjoy it.  However, TO BE FAIR, I've never had ceviche and the fishy smell and texture was too strong for me to consider enjoyable.  The watercress on top provided a nice crunch though, we both noted.  :)  

The sweet potato fries, typically of me to order for an appetizer whilst eating out, were tasty although not as crispy as I'm used to.  The spicy mayo was also delicious.  Their own downfall for me was that they were quite salty.

Mixed Green Leafs w/t Added Jumbo Shrimp, 10$+4$ for shrimp addition (on the left) and Grilled BC Sockeye Salmon, 24$ (on the right)  Firstly, the salad on the left with the added shrimp had SO.. MUCH.... SALAD..... It's hard to tell in that photo but there really was a ton.  Also, it was severely underdressed.  It was hard to pick up ANY flavour from the greens.  On the other hand, the shrimp was amazing, very juicy and tasty.

My entree, the one on the right, was also very average.  The salmon was cooked perfectly however completely under-seasoned (I squeezed a ton of lemon just to be able to finish it).  The salad was suffering from the same issue as my friend's; very, very bland.  I've never actually tried a salad so strangely underdressed.  It wasn't like the lettuce was physically DRY with no dressing, you could tell there was something on it weighing it down but there was zero flavour.  The goat cheese was a nice combination with the quinoa, however there was so little of it that it's difficult to qualify it as a true merit of the dish.  

  As for service, there's honestly very little to say.  Our waitress was nice enough, refilling our water fairly regularly and very kind overall.  

  Overall, if it isn't hard to guess, I did not enjoy Pure Spirits and would most likely not go back.  The sweet potato fries I ordered were the highlight of the luncheon and even they weren't the best I've had... not even close, actually.  The mains were horribly under-seasoned, with the exception of the shrimp, and were literally DIFFICULT to keep eating.  Meh, I wouldn't recommend it.  

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