Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Drake Hotel Review

  Since my friends and I wanted to get dolled up, we decided to try something different and head to The Drake Hotel on Queen Street West.  Although getting there LITERALLY took an hour because of a terrible rainstorm and heavy traffic, we were greeted to an upscale, yet homey and rustic, restaurant.

  We decided to split an appetizer, have a drink (or more...) each and an entree. Firstly, the drinks!  I was recommended by a friend to try the lemonades, which is exactly what I did!

Lavender Lemonade, 7$ virgin  I looooved this lemonade!  The aroma of the lavender was lovely, and the sweetness was a nice start to the evening.  It's only downfall would be that there wasn't enough of it in the glass! :( 
Rum + Raspberry Lemonade, 7.5$ virgin  My friend ordered this guy (the glass furthest away) and absolutely loved it.  It was less sweet than the lavender lemonade, and you were given a lot more for the price as well. 
Red White Sangria, 10$  The sangria was aaalright for me, pretty mediocre, especially considering the only way I like my sangria is loaded with fruit.  However, my friend absolutely adored it and finished it within minutes!  

Popcorn Shrimp, 14.95$  Unfortunately I don't have a photo but this dish was amazing!  You received 6 fairly large shrimp with a sauce with pecans, mustard and parsley.  The mustard was especially delicious since it was grainy and had a lovely light sweetness to it.  The shrimp were perfectly cooked and the batter on them wasn't greasy at all.  All three of us loved this dish and would definitely order it again! 

Fried Chicken, 23.95$ Although the price is fairly steep for plain ol' fried chicken, this chicken was far from plain old fried chicken.  The presentation was very rustic and cute, and the portion itself was actually very big.  This was my first time having fried chicken, and it was amazing! It was juicy and fresh, and the meat itself was delicious.  The batter was perfectly crispy without being too oily.  The chicken was especially delicious paired with the honey in the small metal tin!  As for the potatoes and the cornbread, I loooooved the cornbread!  It was slightly sweet without being overwhelming, and it was very soft.  The potatoes I was not a fan of at all because a) I despise potatoes and b) the dressing was very acidic. Besides the original smidgen of potato I tried, I didn't finish the potato salad.

Flour-less Chocolate Cake, 7.95$ The lighting was not cooperating with me on this one, but I did not enjoy this dish.  I'm not exactly sure why I ordered this considering I'm not a fan of chocolate cake...ever... but this was exactly what I despised about chocolate cake: way too "decadent" and chocolatey.  The salted caramel mousse, however, was delicious.  The chocolate mousse, on the other hand, was bland and tasted like Jell-O pudding.  Pass!  

  Now, service... Way bellow par.  The waitress took forever for absolutely everything!  It took her over 10 minutes just to give us the dessert menu!  The bill too, took over 15 minutes to arrive and we were in a rush to see a movie.  And for the record, we went on a Tuesday night... at least a quarter of the restaurant was empty, and our waitress had a maximum of 5 tables to serve including ours.     

  All in all, despite the disappointing service, I loved the Drake!  The atmosphere was lovely, the food was delicious, and the evening itself was great!  I loved how they included a live band, it truly added to the experience.  We already have plans to return!

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