Friday, 27 September 2013

Holy Chuck Review

  Can you tell I'm more than a little into burgers?!  So on my day off from uni, I decided to forget the Mount Everest of work I have to do and venture out to Holy Chuck, which is conveniently located a brisk 1 minute walk from St. Clair subway station, with a friend of mine.

  This is what we had:

The Grazer, 10.99$ "The Animal Feed Between two Grilled Sandwiches"  Since I had a burger a few nights ago, I decided to try something different and go for the Animal Feed which I've heard loads of great reviews about.  No surprise, it was DELICIOUS!  Firstly, although it was by nooo means a healthy option, the burger wasn't dripping greasiness or fat, nor did it leave me feeling slightly nauseous- just a manageable, satisfying fullness.  The "Animal Feed" itself consisted of a portabello mushroom and a mix of feta & cream cheese (a vegetarian option).  The outside was perfectly crispy, while the inside was gooey goodness which ran out with every bite.  Mmm.  The grilled cheese buns were great too!  They weren't drowning in butter which I personally find a rarity amongst restaurants.  Overall, it was a fantastic burger!  Definitely one of the best I've ever had, and it's not even REALLY a burger (hint hint: veggie option).  :) 

My friend opted for The Cowlorie, 11.99$ "Double Cheeseburger with Bacon, Caramelized Onions, between two Grilled Cheese Buns" I didn't personally try this one, but my friend said he found it great!  The meat was cooked very well -not overdone- and the toppings were just right. :) 

Lastly, through my friend's insisting, since I'm one of the literally 10 people on Earth to have not yet tried a Twinkie, we both got a deep fried Twinkie, 2.99$.  To be honest, I didn't love this.  Not that there was anything wrong with the execution or anything, I just found the Twinkie too sweet.  My friend loved it though.  :) 

  All in all, Holy Chuck's was amazing and they definitely charmed me into definitely returning!  The staff are so friendly and helpful, especially with picking what to chose from their huge menu.  The atmosphere is very low-key and relaxed, but still has seating accommodations and maintains cleanliness which makes their food all the more enjoyable.  :)   Also, it's nice to see a burger joint which prides itself on containing nothing other than beef and salt in their burgers, absolutely no fillers.  So there it is...if you haven't checked out Holy Chuck yet, you definitely should; I already have my eye on their funnel cake for next time!

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