Monday, 23 September 2013

Johnny Rockets Review

  What's better after a rough night -and rougher morning- of partying, puking and utter lack of sleep?  Greasy, homey fooooood.  Not to mention, since Johnny Rockets happened to be right outside Dundas station, it was a clear winner.

  The atmosphere was cute, and the waitresses and servers were doing a sort of synchronized 60s dance right when I walked in.  It added an extra little touch that I appreciated! :)

Deluxe Milkshake - Oreo, 6.99$  YES... a little outrageous for a milkshake.  7 bucks?!  On the other hand, it was spectacular and the serving was huge!  You could tell it was made from "real" ice cream, loaded with literal big chunks of Oreos.  Mmm.  The presentation was also lovely, in my opinion; the whipped cream and Oreo both just looked so dandy.  

The Original + Sweet Potato Fries (2$ extra) 9.99$  Now onto the burger.  First of all, I personally think this meal was a tad overpriced; it wasn't too big at all (for ex. when you compare it to a burger + side from the Works).  The fries weren't very crispy and were actually quite soggy.  The chipotle mayo was aalright but far from the best I've ever tried.  As for the burger itself, you really could tell it was "real beef" as you bit into it, but it really could have used more of a charr on the outside... it was literally so soft it was falling apart.  Also, there was an utter lack of seasoning throughout the whole burger, I actually had to keep dipping it into the ketchup just for some flavour.  All in all; meh. 

  So there you have it.  The food is quite mediocre (the milkshake being the exception), but Johnny Rockets makes up for it with atmosphere and lovely service.  Johnny's had one job essentially, to deliver on a quick meal which was just satisfying enough that I pass off mediocrity for decentness whilst hungover... Unfortunately, it couldn't even do that.  


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