Saturday, 5 October 2013

SCHOOL Restaurant Review

  A few days after my birthday, a good friend of mine wanted to treat me to a birthday lunch saying I could pick aaaaaany place I wanted.  Naturally, I pick the one spot so far away that the only way somebody would agree to visit it with me was through birthday guilt; SCHOOL Restaurant in Liberty Village.    

  First of all, let me just point out that leaving the bus, the area looked pretty iffy.  I legitimately had trouble telling whether we got the address right, as Fraser Avenue seemed to be some sort of secluded street off King, surrounded by vine-invested houses.  Nevertheless, once we finally spotted it, the boisterous, fun atmosphere, and cool exterior completely drew us in.  Inside, the theme was carried out very well!  The restaurant was decorated with chalkboards, clocks, apples, and various school-related miscellany which really added to the atmosphere.  Even the menus were on a clipboard!     

  This is what we ordered; 

  We started off with a Peanut Butter Scone, 2$/each.  These were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  It was my friend's very first time having scones, and I'm glad she was able to have these bad boys as her first ones.  They were flaky, soft, just crumbly enough, and loaded with peanut butter and chocolate goodness.  The sugar on top was especially delicious too, as it was perfectly crunchy and added a nice sweetness to an otherwise not too sweet scone.  Also, for the price, they were absolutely huge and honestly quite filling.  We both adored these and would definitely recommend them!  

  Next, we each ordered one item from the menu.  Staying true to my long time "must-try", I chose the Fried Chicken and Waffles (19$), while my friend opted for the Grilled Sausage and Brie Frittata (17$).  First and foremost, this was my very first taste of chicken and waffles... and the second time having fried chicken (the first being at the Drake Hotel).  So how was it?  It was alright.  To be completely honest, the vanilla butter and waffle itself were absolutely amazing.  You could definitely taste the hint of vanilla in the butter, and paired with the waffle... simply delectable.  However, the actual fried chicken wasn't terrible, but it not deliver nearly as much of a punch as the Drake's did.  It was a little overdone and dry, and the coating just didn't provide any sort of kick.  If anything, it lacked salt and pepper.  The coleslaw was fresh and light; I would have maybe preferred a little more of it.  However, the strangest thing about this whole dish was (oddly enough) the tabasco-honey.  I genuinely couldn't tell if I liked it or not, since the spicy aftertaste was just very strange.  To be completely honest, I would have much preferred regular honey, or even maple syrup.  

  And there it is.  Finally a longtime desire of mine fulfilled.  Overall, I did like this restaurant more than I didn't like it (if that makes any sense at all).  Where it lacked in flavour, it made up in atmosphere, service and vibe.  It was an unforgettable experience and I would definitely return for some baked goods and a coffee over a lovely talk with a friend.  :)   

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