Friday, 4 April 2014

Tom's Dairy Freeze Review

  Driving 40 minutes to Etobicoke in the midst of exam season for ice cream in winter is normal right??  Since a friend claimed this was "the best soft serve ever" - amongst many others saying the same - a few friends and I decided to try it out after dinner one day. 

Medium Vanilla Soft Serve coated in Butterscotch and Sprinkles, $4.5 (give or take?)  Needless to say, in my opinion, Tom's Dairy Freeze has earned its renowned reputation.  This was by far the best soft serve I've ever had!  You could really taste the difference (as cheesy as that sounds) in the fact that the owners use real milk in their soft serve instead of the load of crap found in commercial soft serve!  It was creamy, light and full of flavour.  The price was fair for the huge portion and the owner was more than nice when it came to accommodating your desires.  Specifically, when I was deliberating between butterscotch and sprinkles for 5 minutes or so, he kindly suggested that he could do both which I much appreciated.  :)  

  Despite this quick review, I absolutely adored Tom's and would definitely return and recommend.  I'm not usually a fan of soft serve to be honest,but this one blew my mind and the options for customization are truly endless!  The staff are friendly and accommodating which makes the experience all the better!  Beware though, they only take cash and during the warmer seasons the lines are endless!  Definitely worth it in my eyes and will be returning. :) 

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