Friday, 20 June 2014

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Review

  My cheat meal this month was, much to others' surprise, pancakes.  And of course, considering Blog TO proclaimed Mildred's pancakes to be 3rd best in Toronto, I had to give them a go with a good friend of mine.  Mildred's Temple Kitchen was located in Liberty Village, east of King and Yonge; needless to say, it was quite the mission.  Nevertheless, we were greeted with nice but albeit slightly awkward service.  They were trying to get us to buy a lot more than we were intending to, which started to really irk us at one point.  Although we sat on the patio, both the interior and exterior dining area was very clean, modern and ritzy.  

A view of the bar -- truly exquisite! 

  Anyways, this is what we had: 

Mrs. Biederhof's Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes, $14  Whoever this "Mrs. Biederhof" is but she makes amaaaaazing pancakes!  They were by far the tastiest I've had!  Very fluffy, a little denser than your typical pancake which is how I like it, and not too sweet; at no point was I overwhelmed with sugar.  They were served with maple syrup, whipped cream (which sadly melted) and blueberry compote.  The blueberry compote was absolutely spectacular, and the fruit truly shone!  The toppings weren't overabundant, which let you enjoy the pancakes in their entirety without being drenched in syrup or cream.  A good portion, I felt full but not overstuffed at the end of this.  My friend tried them too and absolutely loved them!  

  Overall, I really enjoyed Mildred's.  The atmosphere was airy and light, perfect for brunch or an early lunch in my books.  The pancakes were a worthwhile cheat I will be satisfied with for a while!  Will definitely return!   

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